Negrenses are no strangers to crises.  From the Philippine Revolution of 1896 and the Second World War to the EDSA People Power Revolt of 1986 and the current COVID-19 Pandemic, the people of Negros Occidental have remained agile and resilient amid extremely disruptive conditions.

Kanlaon’s volcanic eruptions, the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, Wall Street’s stock market crash leading to the Great Depression, the sugarcane industry’s collapse during martial law, a series of super-typhoons, the Don Juan maritime tragedy, and other natural or man-made disasters have not deterred the Negrenses from rising up and emerging stronger crisis after crisis.

A  hundred and 30 years after its establishment in 1890, Negros
Occidental has become one of the Philippines’ premier provinces.
Its capital, Bacolod City, is now among the country’s center of excellence in the top tier of Filipino Digital Cities 2025.

Sugar & Smiles: The Negrense Legacy Beyond 2020 is the first coffee tablebook that captures the essence of the sweet life in Sugarlandia. This heirloom collectible commemorates milestone events such as the short-lived Republic of Negros and the world-famous MassKara Festival, as well as the rich heritage handed down from past centuries to the future generations of Negrenses.

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